The Dryer System consists of three sub-assemblies:


Drop Chute & Conveyor:


1) The Drop Chute is mounted directly onto the unload conveyor, and is designed to collect all the drainage water and return it to a water module [normally supplied with the high-pressure unit]. It can also be diverted to another holding tank or discharged to waste, if no HP unit is being supplied. The product that falls into the Catch Pan is then transported to the end of the conveyor, prior to being discharged onto the next sub-assembly. The conveyor belt is made from stainless steel mesh with large openings for efficient water removal.


2) Inclined Conveyor:


The Inclined Conveyor has a small pan-type hopper, into which the product falls. This utilizes the same type of open mesh stainless steel belt, which has the addition of “cleats” to aid in conveying the product higher. A second air-knife is mounted to the top portion of the conveyor-supporting frame. This conveyor assembly collects any residual water remaining on the product packs, and is returned to the same water discharge position. The product is now free from drips and at the correct elevation prior to entering the final dryer assembly.


3) Final Dryer Assembly:


This station consists of a flat belt section, an infeed chute, blower unit, and the air-knife enclosure. The product, which drops onto the belt, is immediately conveyed through an array of four (4) high-flow air-knives. The integral blower assembly is mounted directly beneath the conveyor, and is enclosed with stainless steel panels. These allow for easy removal for any maintenance or service. The product is impacted by two air-knives from above and two from below.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Final Dryer assembly structure houses the “Low-Pressure High-Volume Blower Unit”, and forms the heart of the drying system. This makes our system both cost-efficient and economical to operate, as we can generate our own supply of air. This air is used to power the air-knives which are installed throughout the system. Due to this important feature, our equipment will not deplete your existing compressed air supply, or require that you purchase an additional air compressor unit.


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Dryer Unit