Gridpath has created a new loading and unloading system for use with Vertical Ultra High-Pressure production equipment.


The system employs a mesh net for transferring product into and out of the UHP vessel. This replaces the conventional “basket-type” container which would normally be used in this application.


NOTE - this system is particularly advantageous where the product is prepackaged in flexible type pouches or polythene bags: The net container system allows substantially more product to be loaded per cycle due to it’s flexible nature, since the normal gap left between the container and sides of the vessel is instead filled with product. This requires less water to back-fill the vessel and reduces ramp-up times.


At the loading station the net is inserted into an empty stainless steel tube, which is positioned in a hole in the floor. This allows the operators to load product at the optimum working height, and prevents operator fatigue and strain caused by unnecessary lifting. The end of the net rests on a “stop plate” positioned inside the tube. This allows the product to be placed into the tube, as opposed to being dropped.


A “stop plate” in the tube holds the bottom of the net in position. As the product fill reaches the top of the tube, the operator lowers the stop plate by means of a pneumatic switch. He then continues to fill the net, repeating this sequence until the net has been filled to the top.


NOTE - if required, this sequence can be further automated using a Load Cell and controlled motion. Pre-set weights are attainable.


The net is then unloaded from the tube and moved to the pressure vessel loading position.


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