The system cross-checks, and confirms in real-time, correct calibration of the high-pressure transducer supplied with each of your processing systems. The hydraulic pressure transducer is plumbed into the lower pressure side of the intensifier pump, and is preset at the correct ratio for the intended operating pressure.


During operation the validation system will monitor that the “high-pressure transducer” is correctly matched with the “low-pressure transducer”. This cross-check of transducers ensures that the process has reached the settings required to eliminate pathogens as per your predetermined process parameters and HACCP [Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points].


With the low-pressure transducer operating at much lower pressures, it is far less susceptible to wear and/or failure.


The system will perform the cross-check at several critical points during each cycle. If the system detects a discrepancy, a signal can be sent to the press controller, indicating a requirement for operator intervention.




After each complete cycle the system printer (supplied by Gridpath) will print out the following information:

  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Machine number (file name)
  4. Cycle number
  5. li>Programmed high pressure
  6. Actual elapsed time at pressure
  7. Upper and lower readings of HP transducer during load time
  8. Ratio of hydraulic pressure compared to water pressure
  9. Hydraulic pressure
  10. Time to get to pressure



The system has the following alarms

  1. Ratio too high
  2. Ratoi too low
  3. Time to pressure too short
  4. Pressure low during cycle
  5. High pressure not reached
  6. Low pressure transducer not reached 1,000 PSI within 2 minutes

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Image of Pressure Check