1. Currently being used in the UHP system to lengthen the life of the high-pressure transducers.
  2. Gridpath’s pressure snubber units are used to protect against pressure surges, pulsation, and spikes.
  3. The general design is modelled after an excess flow check valve.
  4. Operation is similar, as when sudden flow is seen, the poppet will rise, blocking the pressure surge and a smallbleed hole in the poppet will allow pressure to slowly equalize.
  5. When the pressure is equalized, the poppet will then drop back down, allowing normal flow to the gauge or instrument.
  6. A filter is also used to prevent the very small hole in the plug from clogging.
  7. Available with either male, female, or male/female ends up to 100,000 PSI.



To accurately measure the amount by which a snubber will increase the life of a high-pressure transducer, measurements have to be taken over many months. These readings need to be taken from different transducers introduced into several H/P machine systems.


These tests are currently being carried out, however to date show that at least a 40% increase in transducer life has been achieved. This figure is still rising, as the transducers being tested have not yet failed, and are still working correctly.

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Image of a Snubber System