Gridpath has created a new compact wall-mounted Ultraviolet Disinfection System which provides U.V. treatment of the processed water used in Ultra High-Pressure production equipment.


The system will provide continuous reduction in the initial load of bacteria introduced in the treatment water of the system. This unit is compatible with both the NC and Avure equipment, and will easily feed into the water modules of each system.


The system is equipped with a 5-micron filter, and has a visual indicator which shows the performance of the U.V. bulb.


The system comes pre-assembled in an attractive stainless steel enclosure, designed for easy wall or panel mounting.


Whether you are looking for a point-of-use disinfection system, or a high-flow point-of-entry system, this unit will have you covered. The unit is simple and easy to operate, and inexpensive to run [only cents per day].


The system is environmentally friendly. It adds nothing to the water, and creates no disinfection by-products.


For more information on this product please contact Gridpath at

Image of U.V. Systems